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Our focus on investing in people and processes that help clients succeed in complex political, regulatory and environmentally conscious markets ideally positions OPR to serve the following industries:

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Education is a growing and dynamic market that requires in-depth knowledge of academic achievement, strategic planning, financial management and administrative matters.

OPR’s command of these issues allows its strategists to successfully assist local school districts, private colleges and public universities in achieving their outreach and expansion goals with key stakeholders, including parents, faculty, students and legislators.

Energy & Utilities

OPR has unparalleled knowledge of the regulatory and government systems and policies that projects must navigate to join the energy infrastructure serving the Western states. Our extensive local knowledge and experience extends deep into California’s desert communities, the focal point for the state’s sustainable and emerging energy technologies.

  • Water

    Our team understands the complex network of economic, environmental and public policy questions related to water management at all levels of government, from replacing aging infrastructure to remediation, rate cases and conservation.

    OPR leverages its extensive experience working with local and municipal water districts to develop public education and stakeholder information programs to achieve program/facility approval.

  • Waste Management

    The public’s relationship with solid waste collection has become increasingly complicated as growing populations collide with aging and overwhelmed landfill facilities in need of expansion or replacement.

    OPR guides numerous leaders in the waste management industry and their government counterparts to successfully communicate the public benefits and need for new and improved landfill facilities.

    Our team’s strategic counsel and program implementation enables clients to gain approval for new landfill sites or the expansion of existing facilities.


Gaming has emerged as a major industry, employing tens of thousands and generating billions in economic activity across the West.

The industry has empowered Native American tribes to pursue new economic development opportunities and provided resources to support cultural, civic and social programs on reservations and in surrounding communities.

OPR’s vast experience and understanding of gaming matters results in its clients achieving their goals at the federal, state, local and tribal levels.


From acquisitions to care facility expansion and new service introductions, OPR develops strategic public affairs and public relations strategies that gain local, regional and statewide support to help clients achieve their growth goals.

Land Use Entitlement

Major utilities, private developers and public agencies turn to OPR for its deep understanding of the complicated land use entitlement process.

OPR’s vast experience and relationships allow its clients to successfully navigate through a multitude of complex entitlement needs, ranging from EIRs and specific plans to community relations, public hearings and mitigation plans.

Local Government

Local governments must effectively communicate on numerous topics with a variety of audiences, from small neighborhood groups and local residents to regional, state and federal officials and agencies.

OPR understands the nuanced and dynamic relationships that City Hall and other local agencies must maintain with their stakeholders. Working with local government, OPR develops and oversees wide-ranging public information and education programs, as well as project-specific campaigns that  secure broad-based public support for numerous civic undertakings.


From local road projects and public transit to right-of-way acquisition and the construction of thoroughfares and freeways, OPR develops and executes successful strategic outreach programs for local, regional and statewide entities and private-sector developers.

Tribal Affairs

Tribal governments are becoming an increasingly vital part of local, regional and statewide communities.

Well-versed in many of the political and business goals of sovereign tribal governments and communities, OPR provides expert counsel and planning that effectively bridges cultures and communities to achieve goals in this dynamic and nuanced environment.

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