Mission-Driven & Results-Oriented

OPR’s purpose is to improve communities by aligning our clients’ goals with sound public policy.

At OPR We:

  • Keep California moving forward by working on projects and programs that benefit the state’s economy, infrastructure needs and quality of life issues.
  • Align client programs with sound public policies, strong messaging platforms and smart communication campaigns to deliver winning results.

What We Do

Our Modus OPRandiTM

Serving clients in one of the nation’s most challenging regulatory environments, we drive program success by applying our proven OPR formula:

  1. Hiring and retaining top industry talent
  2. Possessing unmatched regional and national insight
  3. Ensuring client programs successfully address community benefits, environmental concerns and public policy objectives
  4. Attacking our work with a strategic mindset

California Insiders

OPR’s unique knowledge of California creates valuable intelligence that is foundational to allowing us to provide clients with:

Deep, on-point strategic counsel

Insightful tactical preparation/planning

Precise, timely, and successful program implementation

Our Leadership Team

The OPR team is comprised of seasoned professionals whose track record of delivering winning results is a testament to their talent, skill and insight into the complexities of navigating California’s political landscape and regulatory environment.

Meet Our Team

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